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US or Canada Private Health Certificates


To take a pet dog or cat to the US from the UK, they will require a Private Health Certificate issued by a veterinarian within 5 days of their travel date. A rabies vaccination is required for dogs or cats to enter most US States (and we would advise you get this anyway to ensure your pet is protected), but each State has different importing requirements so it's important to check with the specific State you are travelling into.

At PassPets our US Private Health Certificates start from £125 for the first pet, and £75 per additional pet, and we issue the certificates at your appointment.  Our US Private Health Certificates also cover most airlines' "Fit to Fly" requirements too, so you generally won't need a Fit to Fly Certificate in addition to the Private Health Certificate.


All dogs and cats entering Canada from the UK are required to have a rabies vaccination (unless they are less than 3 months old).


When your vet administers the rabies vaccination you will need to ask them to complete a Rabies Vaccination Certificate which must: 

  • be issued and signed by a licensed vet

  • identify the pet (age, breed, sex, colour, weight and microchip number)

  • state that the animal is vaccinated against rabies

  • indicate the date of vaccination

  • indicate the manufacturer name and batch number of the rabies vaccination

  • specify he duration of immunity (e.g. 1 year or 3 years)

  • have the name and signature of the licensed veterinarian that issued the certificate and the date it was signed

Also, depending on the airline you are using and the point of entry into Canada, you will require either an Export Health Certificate or a Private Health Certificate. You will need to check with your airline/point of entry as to which type of document they prefer.

For the latest guidance on taking your pet to the US or Canada, including a quote for PassPets to issue the required documentation complete our form below and one of our Official Veterinarians will get back to you. 

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