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Fitness to Fly Certificates

A Fit to Fly Certificate is a crucial document issued by a qualified veterinarian that confirms your pet is in good health and can safely endure the journey on an plane. This certificate is often required by airlines and travel authorities,  to ensure the well-being of your pet during the flight. Not all airlines require this, some airlines will accept an Animal Health Certificate or Export Health Certificate on its own, so if you are travelling by plane you will need to check with your specific airline to see whether a Fit to Fly certificate is required

The process to get a Fit to Fly certificate involves a clinical examination to ensure your pet is free from contagious diseases, is in good physical condition and does not show any clinical signs of illness which could be exacerbated by air travel.

Complete our form below, or call us to speak to one of our team, for the latest pet travel requirements for your destination country including a quote for PassPets to complete the paperwork. 

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