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Export Health Certificates (EHCs)

An Export Health Certificate (EHC) is an important document required for pets travelling outside of the EU.

It certifies that your pet is healthy, free from contagious diseases, and meets the specific entry requirements of your destination country.


The requirements to get an Export Health Certificate vary widely, and can include vaccinations, blood tests, import permits, internal parasites treatment, external parasites treatment, legalisation at the embassy and pre-quarantine checks.


If you don't follow these requirements exactly, there is a risk your pet may be denied entry into the country or will have to undergo quarantine upon arrival.

How Our EHC Process Works



Fill in our form below to tell us what species of pet you have, which country you are travelling to, and whether you'll be transiting through any other countries en-route. 


One of our Official Veterinarians will reply with the latest pet travel requirements for your destination country (vaccinations, blood tests, parasite treatment, import permits, etc.) including the specific time-frames when these need to be done, along with a quote for PassPets to issue the relevant pet travel certificates you will need.



With our guidance, you'll work with your vet practice to get all the required vaccinations, blood tests and parasite treatments completed prior to your appointment with us to get the Export Health Certificate.



Bring your pet to your appointment with us, where one of our Official Veterinarians will examine your pet and issue the Export Health Certificate along with any other pet travel documents you have confirmed you need to travel with depending on your airline/route.

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