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Proof of Rabies Documents

Proof of Rabies Vaccination

The key requirement for an Animal Health Certificate is that your pet must have a valid rabies vaccination, and it must be administered more than 21 days before the AHC appointment with us.

In order for us to issue an AHC, we need to see evidence that your pet has had a rabies vaccination, and we need to attach a certified copy of this evidence to the AHC.

This proof of rabies document needs to include the following details:

  1. The owner details & the pet details including their 15 digit microchip number.

  2. The date the rabies vaccination was administered and that the microchip was scanned at that appointment.

  3. The brand/manufacturer of the rabies vaccination (e.g. Nobivac, Canigen).

  4. The batch number of the rabies vaccine used.

  5. Details of the vet that administered the rabies vaccination.

If you use our service, we will ask you to request for the clinical history from the vets that administered the rabies vaccination be emailed over to us. This is so we can verify the rabies vaccination against other forms of documentation you may have. Because there is no longer one standard format for vets to follow when completing the rabies vaccinations the clinical history is often the most straightforward way for us to see evidence of the rabies vaccination.

However, we have outlined the other types of rabies vaccination documentation we can accept in addition to the clinical history below.

Forms of rabies proof accepted at PassPets

Clinical History

All vets keep electronic records of every visit your pet makes to them.

This is the easiest form of vaccination proof for us to use, because it should contain all of the above 5 points, and most vet practices are able to email this through to us.

We only need the clinical history from the vet practice that administered the latest rabies vaccination.

Rabies Vaccination Certificate

Some vet practices have started issuing rabies vaccination certificates as a more official way of documenting the rabies vaccination.

This is fine for us to use to issue an AHC, provided it contains all of the 5 key points listed above.

Old Pet Passport

If your pet's latest rabies vaccination details are recorded in a pet passport, this is fine for us to use as proof of the rabies provided the rabies vaccine entry has been certified with the vet's name, signature, practice address and telephone number.

When you complete our pre-appointment form, you will need to upload clear photos or scanned copies of the "Marking of Animal" page (which includes the 15 digit microchip number) and the "Vaccination Against Rabies" page.

Vaccination Card

We can use a vaccination card as proof of the rabies vaccine provided that the document includes all of the above 5 points, and that the rabies vaccination entry has the following information recorded next to it by the vet:

  • The vet's name and signature

  • The practice stamp

  • A statement declaring that the microchip was scanned and verified prior to the vaccine being administered


If you're unsure whether the rabies document you have is sufficient, or if you would like more information about our low cost Animal Health Certificate service, please contact us.

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